foucault on chatgpt

Is this comical, serious or frightening? Michel Foucault on ChatGPT, Artificial Intelligence, and the Disappearance of the Human, Theoretical Puppets, 9 January 2023 This video explores the use (and potential misuse) of ChatGPT. The experimental dialog it features was created by means of this large language model. The result is baffling, seemlessly flowing in appearance… Lees verder foucault on chatgpt


Sometimes it does seem nowadays that the most popular composer of the 20th century is John Cage – and  specifically his iconic composition 4'33". Every so often you see references to that work, especially as a code or symbol for everything which might have to do with nothingness, silence, emptiness, arbitrariness, zen, the degree zero… Lees verder silence

mike davis (1946-2022)

Lots of obituaries and tributes to Mike Davis last week, but I think this is a beautiful one – and in his own words: ‘Stop and give a hitchhiking family a ride. Never cross a picket line, even when your family can’t pay the rent. Share your last cigarette with a stranger. Steal milk when… Lees verder mike davis (1946-2022)

documenta15, part two: bds

A reflection in two parts on documenta fifteen. Part Two: Anti-anti-Zionism Despite all good intentions, ruangrupa didn't just make friends in Kassel.  Outside the art world, the initial media coverage of documenta fifteen was mainly centered around the accusation of anti-Semitism.  It started even before the official opening of the event. A local blog denounced… Lees verder documenta15, part two: bds

documenta15, part one: lumbung

And that again raises the question: is what can be seen actually intended for the Western viewer? And if not, for whom then? For the local population and the local contexts in which these works were made? Sure, that was the general starting point. And for the colleagues and artists inside and outside the majelises? For them probably the result is less important than the processes that led to it.

raoul vaneigem: back to life

I. Life is not an object  We have merely learned to die, now is the time to learn to live.We are at the breaking point between two civilizations. The old world collapses, hesitating to disappear; the new one emerges, hesitating to impose itself.The shock-wave that agitates the planet shakes our existence and reveals its root.… Lees verder raoul vaneigem: back to life