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One last time about Jhumpa Lahiri, on language and territory. Quite in the beginning of In altre parole, the account of her familiarization with the Italian tongue, she writes: “Every language belongs to a specific space. It can migrate, it can spread. But usually it is linked to a geographical territory, a Country. Italian belongs… Lees verder in other words 3

no nazi’s anymore

Azov Battalion drops neo-Nazi symbol exploited by Russian propagandists The new insignia features a golden trident, the Ukrainian national symbol worn by other regiments The Azov Battalion has removed a neo-Nazi symbol from its insignia that has helped perpetuate Russian propaganda about Ukraine being in the grip of far-right nationalism. At the unveiling of a… Lees verder no nazi’s anymore

nature humanity women

Rather accidentally I just read an account of Val Plumwood’s encounter with a crocodile. This was new to me, but I do remember Plumwood as a feminist philosopher who wrote about sex and gender, nature and culture, diversity and ecofeminism at the end of the 1980’s. First the story about the crocodile. Val Plumwood was… Lees verder nature humanity women

virus nature culture

The covid-19 pandemic shows nicely that nature is indeed an actor that intervenes in human life. Bruno Latour has been pointing this out for thirty years. A conceptual model in which people and human activity deal with non-human life on an equal level cannot therefore be based on the separation of culture and nature; such a model should by definition be hybrid. (Does the distinction between culture and nature have to coincide with that between human and non-human? Does the distinction between human and non-human make sense? So many more questions. ) And hybrid, why? Because ... An essay of some 2100 words, pdf file at the end

german cannabis

Nothing seems to move when it comes to the Belgian campaign to change the hundred years old prohibitionist drugs law and to decriminalise the possession of cannabis for personal consumption. In Germany however, where social-democrats, greens and right-wing liberals are negotiating a new government, decriminalisation of recreative use seems to be on its way.