gullibility and cynicism


Arendt writes about the mixture of gullibility and cynicism being prevalent in all ranks of totalitarian movements. Conversely, would an actual widespread societal mixture of gullibility and cynicism constitute a natural breeding ground for totalitarian movements and leaders?

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a thing called truth

Who decides whether news is ‘fake’ or true? How to decide which facts are real or ‘alternative’? The well-educated, well-situated class – to which I think I belong – knows almost for sure when other people are misled. Through what mechanism? And does it matter? Sometimes it seems easy. There’s empirical evidence. If there are…

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Narodni dom

On 13 July, 1920 Italian fascists burned down Narodni dom in Trieste. Narodni dom is Slovenian for ‘National House’; it was a large building, situated at the central Piazza Oberdan and containing besides the seats of many triestine Slovenian organisations, a theatre and the Hotel Balkan. After the end of the first World War and…

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