control in times of plague

"... and when his name was called he had to present himself at the window, it being understood that if he failed to appear it had to be because he was in bed, and if he was in bed he was ill, and if he was ill he was dangerous and so intervention was called for.” Foucault on plague policy

meta meta meta meta meta

“… the importance of the communicative context in the negotiation of the conditions through which truth is constructed, …” A quotation from a fascinating study by Marco Jacquemet, Credibility in court – Communicative practices in the Camorra trials (1996). It's in a paragraph on ‘Metapragmatics in court’ that the author formulates this sentence on truth.... Lire la Suite →

the other bernie sanders

Haven’t you noticed something peculiar about the pictures of Bernie Sanders in your mainstream media? Do you ever see him other than as a grim and angry old man? Type ‘Bernie Sanders’ in your search engine, and look at the photographs it generates: a practically uninterrupted series of portraits of a dogged old devil, grumpily... Lire la Suite →

qu’est-ce que la complexité ?

Récemment quelqu’un me dit d’un ton désespéré: « Mais ça, c’est vraiment très complexe ! » Moi, je me rappelais la boutade « La complexité n’est pas le problème ; la complexité est la solution ». Mais cela alors, il aurait fallu l’expliquer. Je vais tenter le coup ici. Depuis que Dieu n’est plus le critère absolu pour décider entre vrai... Lire la Suite →

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