learning from israel

It still works: yelling ‘Antisemitism!’ as soon as the Israeli apartheid regime is being criticized. It works in Germany, it works in France, and most of all it works in the United States. One of the recent cases involves the City Council of Seattle. They voted down 5-4 a bill that would have prohibited the... Lire la Suite →

invisible women

Being an old white male myself – and thus by definition an oppressor and exploiter of everyone and everything which is not old and white and male – I try to stay alert (not woke, please, not woke)to the experiences of (some) women by following Caroline Criado Perez’ website and newsletter Invisible Women. I write (some) women, since by far the largest part of the information on her website deals with the stories of well-situated, white or at least western women – while a great many women in this world aren’t even in the material situation to experience the concrete discriminations, contempt and fears she mentions. On the other hand of course, mutatis mutandis, the displays of supposed male superiority may well be universal, ubiquitous and structural.


Kinderen en jongeren in de vuurlinie van het Overlegcomité De Standaard, 19 maart 2021 Het gaat over België, maar voor De Standaard lijkt het fardamt Syrië wel. Of denken zij daar dat het Overlegcomité (wie of wat dat ook moge wezen) zich heeft laten inspireren door koning Herodes?

a thing called truth

Who decides whether news is ‘fake’ or true? How to decide which facts are real or ‘alternative’? The well-educated, well-situated class – to which I think I belong – knows almost for sure when other people are misled. Through what mechanism? And does it matter? Sometimes it seems easy. There’s empirical evidence. If there are... Lire la Suite →


Jan Blommaert is overleden (zie ook A long goodbye). Als eerbetoon hieronder een tekst van hem die ik regelmatig raadpleeg om bij de les te blijven wanneer ik zelf wat schrijf. Op de 3de Dag van het Socialisme, in november 2013, hield Blommaert de slottoespraak. De tekst verscheen later op DeWereldMorgen onder de titel 'Let... Lire la Suite →

a long goodbye

Jan Blommaert is saying farewell to life. And as far as his public life is concerned, he does so in the way people have got to know him: astute, critical and engaged in the world around him, but not without questioning his own position in it. Jan Blommaert has always been an inspiring researcher and... Lire la Suite →

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