twelve dead prisoners

“A group of detainees proceeded to a training and one of them wore a blue chirurgical mask, like in a hospital. From out of her control booth, a warden required him to take it off so that she could see his face. But the other wardens, who were at just a few centimetres from this… Lees verder twelve dead prisoners

carceri d’invenzione

In May 2016 I suddenly received a request for a contribution to a book inspired by the No Prison manifesto. This manifesto had been written a few years earlier by Massimo Pavarini, professor in criminal law, and Italian journalist Livio Ferrari. You can find the text in several other languages on the website Contributors… Lees verder carceri d’invenzione

gender mix behind bars

It’s not really common, male and female detainees mingling at the prison workshop, in the vegetable garden or the library, at sports or in the training kitchen, going to the medics or the chapel. Even more so, when the ratio male – female is three hundred to eleven. Yet, the system works for five years… Lees verder gender mix behind bars