food transition

You wouldn’t want to give them a living, all those people around you who feed on cans of cat or dog food – because that’s what they can afford, or because they live on the street, or because their teeth  no longer allow  them to eat something crispy, or for all these reasons together. For them, supermarket chain Carrefour has good news, according to a press release of 28 February 2022: thanks to the launch of the private label Companino,  quality products will become accessible to everyone.

Whether your pet is young or old, has very specific health needs or, like its owner, is environmentally conscious and prefers BIO, Carrefour takes its consumers into account by offering 4 very specific ranges that meet everyone’s preference:

    Vitalive: Healthy, full-fledged and balanced food that keeps your beloved four-legged friend vital and in good health.

    Naturally: Organic certified products for animals that love natural food just like their owners

    Suprem: Refined flavors of superior quality for animals with sensitive taste buds

    Expert: A range specially developed for older four-legged friends with specific health needs. Approved by veterinarians.

And not just approved by veterinarians; the organic snacks of the Companino Naturally range are also « recognized by consumers. The range was voted Private Label of the Year 2022.  …  The Companino brand is therefore a good reflection of Carrefour’s Act For Food strategy that makes the best accessible to everyone by offering quality products at low prices. « 

In short, the future looks succulent for all those who ‘love natural food’  or who  might want to taste with their ‘sensitive taste buds’ the light mousses, mini-fillets and terrines with ‘extremely refined recipes and delicate flavours’. None of this has to be expensive though. The Vitalive range  for dogs, for example, comes to the consumer at about € 3.20 per kilo.  The Suprem range for cats is just under six euros per kilo, but according to the label it  is composed of fish and by-products of fish (of which 4% salmon).

Even those who live on the street or who can no longer chew can now go to Carrefour for ‘delicious recipes of thin slices wrapped in a tasty jelly’ – and affordable, y’all.  Quite rightly, the press release states: « Carrefour is committed to the food transition so that everyone has the right to the best. »

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