the other bernie sanders

Haven’t you noticed something peculiar about the pictures of Bernie Sanders in your mainstream media? Do you ever see him other than as a grim and angry old man? Type ‘Bernie Sanders’ in your search engine, and look at the photographs it generates: a practically uninterrupted series of portraits of a dogged old devil, grumpily looking at the audience and like prophesying a future of doom and gloom, his finger raised in the air or pointing at you.


This is no accident. Looking at these pictures, would you believe that this threatening and furious character could ever be the one to take care of a bright and happy future for you? No – there are other candidates who are much more acceptable.

But there is another Bernie Sanders, one that the corporate and mainstream media meticulously conceal. A kind and friendly grandpa, talking with children and playing baseball with a toddler; joking and cheering at the crowds; hugging and embracing women and men who come to greet him; a joyful and enthusiastic politician comforting the people he cares for.

Watch this (campaign) video, and enjoy Bernie Sanders:

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