foucault on chatgpt

Is this comical, serious or frightening?

Michel Foucault on ChatGPT, Artificial Intelligence, and the Disappearance of the Human, Theoretical Puppets, 9 January 2023

This video explores the use (and potential misuse) of ChatGPT. The experimental dialog it features was created by means of this large language model. The result is baffling, seemlessly flowing in appearance but including some completely invented quotations from Foucault writings. Still, the “death of the [human] author” never seemed so close…

This dialog was written with “ChatGPT” ( ). The following prompts were entered:

1. “Please write a funny script for an imaginary interview with Michel Foucault, talking about ChatGPT and AI. Write a 2-3 page script and include some puns!”

2. “Make the script a bit longer and please include two quotes from “Discipline and Punish”!”

3. “Now please discuss the consequences of the GPT technology for Foucault’s discourse analysis!”

4. “At the end of the script, could you please include an interviewer’s question as to whether or not this is now the disappearance of the human that Foucault described in the “Order of Things”?”

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